Who we are

Uniteq has been committed to developing high-performing, sustainable, biodegradable water additives for portable fire extinguishers for over two decades.

Based in the south of Belgium and active globally, the company is dedicated to protecting human life and property against the constant threat of fire. Every day, over 5.000 fires are reported over Western Europe, resulting in the dramatic balance of more than 11 fire deaths per day! Our range of high-performance chemicals brings a significant contribution to the ever-improving fire fighting techniques.


The success factor of Uniteq’s business growth is developing a strong sense of partnership with the customers. Our specialists are stand-by for assistance.

Broad application know-how

We don’t simply develop and sell top-quality firefighting agents. We sell competencies in the firefighting world and assistance towards norms and regulations, engineering and know-how for our customers’ products.


Our customer-oriented approach creates products and services to meet your specific application, environment, and market requirements. We offer a full range of products and can customize on request.

We manufacture and distribute firefighting agents for the following categories of fires:

A fires (Solid fires)

B fires (Liquid fires)

F fires (Fat fires)

About the group

Uniteq is part of the Incendin group: a market leader in passive and active fire protection systems.

We develop and produce environmentally responsible chemistry for both Passive (flame-retardant and fire-resistant materials) and Active (fire extinguishing agents) Fire Protection solutions.

We serve our customers with fully integrated, tailor-made solutions, partnering from initial R&D to just-in-time deliveries, based on deep application knowledge, production know-how, recognized brands and solid intellectual property.

Part of the incendin group

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Are you looking for more information on Uniteq products and services? Need a firefighting foam concentrate quotation? Are you a distributor/reseller/local agent wanting to distribute Orchidee products and become a partner? Do you want to join the Uniteq team?