Breakthrough in sustainable technology
for fire safety

Fires in residential buildings, offices, public properties and industrial premises are a tremendous cause of human suffering and destruction. According to Fire Safe Europe, the European association for fire safety in buildings, more than 4,000 people are killed by fire in Europe every year. It only takes three minutes on average for a fire to engulf an entire room.


Growing need for sustainable fire extinguishing
To prevent starting fires from getting out of control, high-performance portable fire extinguishers are a valuable asset. Millions of extinguishers are produced every year. Water-based extinguishers are often preferred over powder-based extinguishers, as they have the advantage of not impairing visibility and limit collateral damage. However, these water-based extinguishers traditionally contain fluorine. Fluorine is sometimes dubbed a ‘forever chemical’ as it accumulates in the environment and is not biodegradable, with negative consequences for all kind of species, including humans.

For over 20 years, the awareness of fluorine’s negative impact on the environment has been increasing amongst a growing number of countries around the world. It is now widely recognised that a sustainable alternative in chemical technology, respecting human health and efficiently extinguishing fires, should be implemented. However, an alternative technology still needed to be developed for the very strong fire suppression properties of fluorine.


Breakthrough technology for a safer and greener environment
Now, after 10 years of research and innovation, Incendin has taken the lead in fighting and preventing fire in the most efficient and ecological way. A collaborative R&D effort by three former competitors has now led to a breakthrough in performance of water additives for portable extinguishers that avoid fluorine. We have fulfilled a vision for a safer and greener environment.


FFX® is both sustainable and high performance
As always, we approached the challenge through the eyes of our customer. Not only did we want to provide a solution without fluorine, but also be sure that it delivered high performance, sustainability, ready biodegradability, while being as safe as possible. Tested across many types of portable fire extinguishers, FFX® has proven to be more than a match for existing fluorine-based firefighting solutions. Unlike products containing fluorine and silicone technology, FFX® is mainly made with natural renewable raw materials, which neither during  production nor during the application contain or release any environmentally critical substances such as PFOS, PFOA, PFAS or silicones. This breakthrough technology combines fluorine free, biodegradable and sustainable fire extinguishing agents with high performance ratings.

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